Web trend of the week: Technosexuals walk among us

I listen to MPR mainly for the fine elocution, but the other day I learned a new word in the bargain. Driving to work I caught about 10 minutes of Kerri Miller's Midday interview with a panel of "trend watchers" (i.e., product marketing consultants) as they mulled pod-casting--they was fer it--and the discovery of a new beast in the web phylum: the "technosexual." This follows the already-soo-2004 identification of the "metrosexual," a web-and-gadget geek who--get this--aspires to project a sense of style and tends to lead an active life.

The technosexual would appear to be his opposite number. He/she is into the "power" of possessing gadgets, and doesn't like other people much. According to a handy little primer on technosexuals I found in the Times of India,

The dictionary describes the technosexual as 'a dandyish narcissist in love with not only himself, but also his urban lifestyle and gadgets'. Technosexuals have a comparatively rationed sexuality as they get their high from technology itself. At any given time, they will be spotted with their laptops, iPods and iPaqs in place. (Read the rest.)

Once they were simply called shut-ins and misanthropes, but now they are showing marketing researchers the way of the future.

But what about the girls? Note that most of the major web-tastemaker demographics articulated so far (the metros, retros, contras, technos) are principally male. Haven't the best marketing minds of our generation yet figured out the profiles of prototypical female internet users? (Please advise.)

One of Miller's MPR guests--the interesting one--toils at an ironically but nonetheless aptly named post-boomer consulting outfit called Iconoculture, Inc. Their featured product for hawking to Gen-X'ers this week: Vehicle Verified Valet, a sort of nanny-cam for making sure that the loser who parked your car didn't abuse it while you were away.

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