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Love4oneanother.com represents another of The Artist's efforts to transcend stardom in favor of becoming a movement. The intent of the site is to promote Love 4 One Another, a charity established by The Artist to advance "the beginning of a webwide effort 2 change the vibration of the world..." Changing the vibration of the world includes founding a hospital and a school with proceeds from sales of Emancipation and concerts that took place between late 1996 and early 1997. It also seems 2 involve nothing less than an open rebellion against standard lettering and spelling.

In the spirit of emancipation and independence, a free copy of the acoustic album The Truth "will b given 2 all who help conduct the New Power Generation's 'Xperiment in Truth.'" Visitors can also sample tracks from the forthcoming Crystal Ball CD. I was particularly impressed by the track titled "Calhoun Square," a funk tune that rivals the old-school days of the Revolution and creations like "She's Always In My Hair."

Ultimately, love4oneanother.com sheds dim light on the mysterious nature of an artist--make that The Artist--who here has transmuted the art of groove into the art of giving. While the motive behind Love 4 One Another is ostensibly altruistic, the complete rationale remains unclear. Then again, spreading random acts of kindness makes about as much sense as changing one's name to a symbol. (James Cook)

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