Weather Channel says Fargo's weather officially sucks worse than the Twin Cities'

When it comes to endless, subzero dark winters, and blisteringly hot, humid summers, Fargo beats us cold, according to online voters in the Weather Channel's "Toughest Weather City" tournament.

You know what? Losing a trumped-up competition based on NCAA March Madness for bragging rights over crappy weather seems fine with us. After suffering through the winter of Snowmageddon, there's a perverse pleasure in knowing that other people suffered even more than we did.

Fargo beats us cold.
Fargo beats us cold.
Weather Channel

The Twin Cities advanced to the Elite Eight by beating Dodge City, Rapid City, and Chicago in the tournament's Midwest bracket, before getting dumped by Fargo.

Now, the Final Four comes down to Fargo (brutally cold) and Juneau, Alaska (wet and brutally cold) in the West, and New Orleans (wet and miserably hot with hurricanes) and Bradford, Pennsylvania (all-around general crappiness) in the East.

In the name of Midwest brotherhood, we hope Fago wins this one. (Check out the full 64-city bracket here.)


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