Wearable towels: The next pub crawl craze?


We don't think any infomercial product can ever beat the Snuggie, but some companies will sure try their darnedest. The Wearable Towel might have come along just in time to become the next embarrassment for all of America on the heels of people finding joy in purchasing giant pieces of fabric with sleeves and holes.

Remember how hard life was without the Snuggie? Having your arms trapped in a blanket is such a pain! And so terribly unattractive. Well did you ever consider how absolutely impossible it is to do normal every-day activities while wearing your bath towel? We always seemed to give the neighbors a free show because it's just too much work to actually put on clothes post shower.

Thank America for the wearable towel. Here comes the next pub crawl craze. At least this one allows drinkers to look somewhat more attractive.

People in Minneapolis and across the country embraced the Snuggie and celebrated it with pub crawls. Yes, it's a robe worn backwards or a blanket with sleeves. The wearable towel is next.

Check out the infomercial, which almost feels like a parody of itself:

While the Snuggie was meant for creepy Dads and people with no sex life, the wearable towel is actually marketed as a towel you can wear in public. Yes, our dream come true. We love wearing towels to family BBQs, but they just wouldn't stay up.

Men can wear the towel like a toga to avoid questions about their sexuality. Women can just be sluts by pretending it's a mini dress. How perfect.

What's even better: Get Laurie Coleman's "Blo and Go" for hands-free towel AND blowdrying! Consider us sold. And Norm Coleman will thank you for the extra paycheck.

We're waiting for the real parody, like the Snuggie one (WTF blanket) we can't stop watching: