Weak-kneed Joe Mauer has to "go play somewhere for a while"

The Minnesota Twins' $184 million catcher with the bum knee wasn't really ready to return to big league play this season after all, his trainer says.

So Joe Mauer's not coming off the disabled list, he's staying in rehab, and then he's going to have to "go play somewhere for a while."


Mauer's been out since April 15 with "bilateral leg weakness," and a nasty bout with the crud that left the 6-feet 5-inch MVP some 14 pounds lighter.

Not to worry, head trainer Rick McWane said today.

"He's getting stronger. He's getting a lot better. He's improved his flexibility. He's improved his strength in both in his legs and his upper body. Everything is getting stronger. We have plans today to sit down with him and our doctors before we leave town to decide what the next step is going to be. At some point, he's going to have to go back to baseball activities and go play somewhere for a while."

Mauer missed the Twins' 15-3 shellacking today at the hands of Tampa Bay in the first game of a doubleheader. Meanwhile, team manager Rom Gardenhire says there's no set date for him to return to play: "I have no timetable. None whatsoever."

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