We found the worst people on earth [VIDEO]

This man from Philadelphia and the other guy holding this banner are tied for worst person on earth.

This man from Philadelphia and the other guy holding this banner are tied for worst person on earth. Twitter

Climbing a greased street lamp is potentially dangerous to yourself, but sort of fun.

Ditto driving a dune buggy up the steps Sly Stallone ran in Rocky.

Doing a jig with a traffic cone on your head is just good clean stupidity.

Throwing beer cans at Vikings fans (and the Vikings team bus), on the other hand, is rotten. So is subjecting visiting families, tourists to your city, to verbal abuse and threats. 

Yet even these sins pale in comparison to these villains, spotted post-game, parading around south Philadelphia while proudly displaying a homemade banner. If you can't quite make out the text, listen to what this guy is saying.

"Fuck Millie," he says.

This refers to Millie Wall, a 99-year-old Minnesota Vikings fan, who eight days ago attended her first playoff game after the team gifted her tickets. (She, uh, picked a good one.) Millie is also going to the Super Bowl, thanks to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who personally invited her. 

Some had encouraged Wall to attend yesterday's NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia. She declined -- and wisely, one thinks, if the city even occasionally produces creeps like the one in this video. 

Oh, by the way, Wall's family put out a statement on her behalf after last night's crushing loss. Here's how it starts. (Emphasis ours.) 

"Millie Wall and our family would like to extend their sincerest thank you to the Minnesota Vikings, the NFL, and the community for following her story over the last few weeks. We would also like to congratulate the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles on their trip to Super Bowl LII here in our home city of Minneapolis on February 4, 2018. Our family and the state of Minnesota look forward to welcoming both teams and their fans to our community over the next couple of weeks."

Be like Millie, people. Do not be like the men in the video.

And if you happen to see one or both of the guys in that video? No one's going to look down on you if you tell him to fuck himself... except, perhaps, the unfailingly decent Millie Wall. Which is precisely what makes her worth fighting for.