WCCO's Jason DeRusha wins 'Best Online Personality' award

He'll also Twitter, Facebook, and talk to you on webcam for food

 Best Online Personality

 Jason DeRusha



 Jason on Facebook

Many members of the media have dipped a toe into the webstream--even Oprah recently started a Twitter account--but none dove in head first like Jason DeRusha, the always insightful man who poses WCCO's Good Question. DeRusha has long been a regular fixture on MnSpeak, emerging as that rare media personality who can brave the slings and arrows of commenters and come off the better for it. He's turned his popular Facebook page into a demo on crowdsourcing, using the status update field to glean upwards of 20 responses to each request for information. And his Twitter account has more than 2,000 followers, most of whom seem to know him on a first name basis.

If that wasn't enough access, the debonaire DeRusha recently launched his own version of JenniCam--a webcam that records him while he works--and regularly holds 4 p.m. live press conferences to address his audience. Because Jason lives so much of his life online, we decided it would only be fitting to surprise him with the award live on his webcam.

Jason blogged about the ambushing we did here.

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