WCCO: Favre will be at Vikings training camp, jerseys ordered


Our worst fears seem to be coming true. A source told WCCO's Mark Rosen that Minnesota's former quarterback enemy has come to some sort of contractual agreement with the Vikings and will be at the team's training camp in July.

And those purple jerseys people can't wait to see on Favre's back? They've already been ordered.

Favre's agent denied the claims about the agreement, but these days that just means he doesn't want to say it himself.

More from WCCO:
That source said that Favre and the Vikings have indeed come to a contractual agreement, with heavy incentives. The Vikings equipment manager has already ordered number 4 purple jerseys with his name on it.

However, on Sunday, Favre's longtime agent, Bus Cooke denied a report that was out there that Favre and the Vikings had come to an agreement.

Now everyone is waiting for the announcement to be official. Our state is seriously waiting to hear about a Senate seat and Favre? This is ridiculous.