Wayzata player's fabulous interview celebrated on Jimmy Kimmel Live [VIDEO]

Mark Senden is captain of Wayzata High School and everything like that.

Mark Senden is captain of Wayzata High School and everything like that.

Lots of people have verbal tics, little catchphrases that put a comfortable end to a sentence, bridge one thought to the next. These handy transitions are probably even more useful when the speaker is nervous. Say, for example, when he's being interviewed on television.

For Mark Senden, a senior at Wayzata High, his frequent use of a particular set of words was probably known only to family, friends, and his teammates on the school's hockey team, where Senden served as captain. A few more people learned about his favorite phrase on Saturday, when Senden was interviewed following the team's 5-3 state championship game win over Eden Prairie. 

Now a couple million more people know Senden really, really likes to say "everything like that." 

Senden's short postgame interview with KSTC-45 has come to national attention, thanks to its appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. Kimmel describes Senden's appearance as an "MVP-caliber interview." Maybe "MVP" stands for "most verbalized phrase," because Senden's definitely got a go-to move when it comes to conversation.

Watch with amazement as Senden invokes the same combination across a wide variety of topics: game strategy, locker room talks, a beloved uncle. It's like watching a great skater going solo against an entire defense — in this case, the whole of the English language. They may know what he's going to do, but they just can't stop him. 

He shoots, he scores, and everything like that.