Wayneen Whiteeagle accused of child endangerment

Wayneen Clementine Whiteeagle, the woman who was arrested while walking drunk over the weekend, is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon on charges of child endangerment.

Whiteagle, 29, was arrested Saturday on the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis. Police responding to a 911 call say that she was having trouble walking.

Her children, 4 and 10 years old, were crying, and the younger child was wearing one shoe and had urinated on herself, according to the criminal complaint.

Officers spoke to the 10-year-old child who reported that their mom had been drinking all day and that she gets drunk a lot because she is sad. The ten-year-old also reported that the 4-year-old told the defendant that she had to urinate but the defendant would not let her stop.

Court records show that Whiteagle's only prior conviction is for driving without a valid driver's license.

It's unusual people to be arrested while intoxicated and charged with child endangerment, said Sgt. Bill Palmer, Minneapolis police spokesman.

"It is fairly rare but it does happen," Palmer explained in an e-mail to City Pages. "She was in public and there were indications that at least one of the kids was not being well cared for as a result of her intoxication."

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