Wayne Odegard Allegedly Called Saloon Patrons "Faggots," Shot One with BB Gun

Wayne Odegard: Allegedly the gay-unfriendliest man in Minneapolis.

Wayne Odegard: Allegedly the gay-unfriendliest man in Minneapolis.

Around 11:15 p.m. last Thursday, Wayne Odegard was walking down the sidewalk outside the Saloon's patio in downtown Minneapolis when he saw a gay couple kissing.

Since the Saloon is one of the city's best-known gay bars, you wouldn't expect anything else, right? But Odegard was so incensed by the gay PDA that he allegedly called the couple "fucking faggots," broke out his BB gun, and started shooting.

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Or at least so say Hennepin County authorities, who have charged Odegard, 43, with a felony count of making terroristic threats.

According to the charges, a security guard heard Odegard utter the slur and saw him shoot one of the men, hitting him in the leg. The guard then gave chase and wrestled Odegard to the ground before calling police.

When officers arrived on the scene, they saw Odegard, on the ground and handcuffed, looking at the person he shot as well as other Saloon patrons and allegedly calling them "faggots."

The victim later told authorities he heard Odegard mumble something.

"The next thing [he] remembered was hearing loud pops and feeling pain on his shin," the charges say.

After he was arrested, Odegard told authorities he saw the men kissing in public and "wanted it to stop."

"Defendant admitted to saying 'faggots' before the shooting, and said that seeing men kissing pisses him off," the complaint adds.

In an interview with Fox 9, the security guard involved in the incident, Tyler Erickson, said Odegard "told me multiple times that I'm going to go to hell and he's going to bring me with him."

"He recited a biblical passage -- I think it's a Deuteronomy passage," Erickson added.

Erickson told Fox 9 the gay couple involved live in Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

"They both joked that they came to progressive Minneapolis and got shot for being gay," he said, adding that the victim wasn't seriously injured.

In a subsequent report, one of Odegard's siblings told Fox 9 they're concerned that if he's released from jail, "he will escalate this behavior and seriously injure or kill a member of the gay community."

Hennepin County jail records indicate Odegard remains in custody this morning on $75,000 bail.

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Odegard Charges

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