Wax Bob Dylan at the Mall of America? Not yet.

Wax Bob Dylan at the Mall of America? Not yet.

Last week, Merlin Entertainment Group, a British operator of tourist attractions announced it was the new owner of the Underwater Adventures aquarium at the Mall of America.

While it's great to know we can still sleep with the sharks, our minds wandered to something far more satisfying: wax celebrities.

Merlin Entertainment has 58 theme parks around the world, including six in the United States. One of their biggest claims to fame: Madame Tussauds.

In case you have missed out on the magic, Madame Tussauds is a chain of museums where people actually pay money to pose and fondle life-like wax replicas of their favorite celebrities. There's nothing more satisfying than kissing Johnny Depp or groping Tom Cruise, we guarantee it. Especially when they don't fight it.

So with Merlin getting a stake in MOA, we wanted to know if we might be so lucky to have a Madame Tussauds of our own. In the United States, you have to visit New York, Washington, D.C. or Las Vegas to get in on the fun. The MOA would only make sense as one of the country's prime places for kitschy goodness.

Well we didn't get the response we were hoping for. But at least Merlin didn't rule out a future collection of wax at MOA. Here is what they said in an email response:

We have no further plans at the moment - Merlin is constantly looking for suitable opportunities to expand its activities - however the company needs first to get its plans for UWA underway, and to further assess the potential offered by the area before we are ready to make any further decisions.

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