Watchdog calls for Bachmann ethics investigation

That anti-health care reform rally staged by Rep. Michele Bachmann on Nov. 5 keeps coming back to make a nuisance of itself. First, Fox News talking head Sean Hannity was caught red-handed inflating the size of the crowd with a clumsy video montage. Then, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart lampooned Hannity for his run-amok enthusiasm. Next, Hannity confessed on air that he'd misrepresented the facts. Now, a citizen watchdog group has asked the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate whether Bachmann violated House rules by organizing and holding her rally without a permit and for trying to pass it off  "press conference.

You can read the full formal request here.

CREW argues that Bachmann misused her official congressional Web site by urging people to come to the Capitol to protest the legislation despite House rules that specifically prohibit such activity. And trying to pitch it as a press conference didn't cut the mustard either, CREW says: No journalists were allowed to ask questions as a who's who of Republican lawmakers took to the microphone to denounce the legislation, its sponsors and the president.

You can read the request here.