Watch thousands of Christians pillow fighting inside U.S. Bank Stadium

There's MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, leading another pillow fight in His name.

There's MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, leading another pillow fight in His name. Pulse

Religion, branding, and feather-soft violence synergized Friday at U.S. Bank to break a Guinness World Record. 

Pulse, a free event geared toward young Christians, had taken over the Minneapolis stadium with music (Lecrae, Hillsong), dance (JabbaWocKeeZ), and, as it turns out, 50,000 promotional pillows from Trump-loving MyPillow founder Mike Lindell

The goal? To -- before God and His northern-most football palace -- shatter the record for Largest Pillow Fight, which was previously set during a Saint Paul Saints game in 2013. That historic moment was also a MyPillow promo event. What a state! 

Anyway, as Daft Punk's "One More Time" blasted from the U.S. Bank Stadium speakers, participants mostly wiggled their pillows in the air instead of outright battling one another. With Lindell barking encouragement from the stage, this went on for about a full minute.

See for yourself, courtesy of Pulse and Chanhassen-based MyPillow: 

Pulse 2018: Pillow fight inside U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis from City Pages on Vimeo.

"Everybody go to sleep!" Lindell then instructed the wide-eyed crowd, unintentionally channeling Jim Jones in the process. He knelt on his MyPillow and continued: 

"I'm gonna say a prayer right now. I pray that somebody out there, that Jesus touched 'em tonight. And if you've got any prayers, Lord, make these pillows that people take home their prayer pillow. That they will lay on 'em and never forget this night. And they will pray to you Lord, and ask you into their heart and surrender -- surrender to you Jesus! And we pray for the addicts, anybody addicted out there, that stories of hope like mine will change the world and change our country. We pray for peace; we pray for our country; we pray for our state; we just pray, Lord, we reached out to you ... we ask for ... please forgive our sins, Lord. Forgive us, and listen to our prayers tonight, Lord. And I want everybody to say a prayer of peace tonight, a prayer on their pillow. In Jesus' name, amen."

Finally, Lindell, pillow foisted skyward toward God, bellowed "oooooooooh!" and the prayer was complete.

Event organizers had at least one prayer answered, since Guinness officials declared the pillow stunt a success, a PR rep tells City Pages. Despite most of the packed stadium participating, ever-diligent Guinness judges only counted 7,681 pillow fighters, but that was good enough to best St. Paul's '13 total of 6,261.

Praise be!