Watch this gnarly 1,000-ft. freighter whip a sick 360 in Duluth [VIDEO]


SICK Facebook; WDIO

Lake-heads know the MV Paul R. Tregurtha rips gnarly-ass moves on Lake Superior on the reg.

But the badass 1,000-foot freighter took things to the extreme last Friday in Duluth. When the Aerial Lift Bridge pulled some bogus malfunctioning bullshit, the Tregurtha was like "naw bro." That's when things got turnt -- literally. 

Temporarily denied entrance into St. Louis Bay, the "Queen of the Lakes" decided to whip a sick 360-turn, carving up waves and dropping jaws in the process. Watch this time-lapsed highlight clip of Superior's largest ship, courtesy of Duluth TV station WDIO: 


The trick took 55 minutes to complete, and, honestly, I thought the 36-year-old vessel might not pull it off ... for about a second!

Bro, this is the Tregurtha we're talking about. This ship can rock 62,000 tons of cargo like it's nothing. Outside of two wipeouts (nasty groundings in 2012 and 2014), the 'Gurth' is unstoppable. 

Shoutout to captain Robert Thibedeau and his crew for making "a quick decision in order to prevent a disaster" -- and for sticking one of the dopest moves we've ever seen on the Great Lakes.