Watch the Metrodome vanish [VIDEO]


That massive hole in the ground in downtown Minneapolis is well on its way to becoming the new Vikings Stadium.

Watch for yourself in this Minnesota Public Radio time-lapse video that was created using photographs from the Vikings' website. In only 99 days the team has gone from hosting a game to several explosions.

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Other cameras that monitor the construction site 24/7 show more than a dozen columns that will hold up the new stadium's concourses have already been constructed.

About two weeks after the Vikings played their last game in December, the roof was deflated. In early February, crews then attached 42 demolition charges to remaining support cables. Another explosion followed, bringing the 31-year-old structure to its knees.

Still from the live video on the Vikings' website

Still from the live video on the Vikings' website

Construction is moving quickly. In mid-March, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority told us that 15 percent of the new stadium's drilled piers had been installed and the initial concrete was being poured. The frame is expected to come together by late 2015, with the roof and finishing touches put in place for the start of the 2016 season.

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