Watch South High School kids singing 'We Shall Overcome' and feel a little better [VIDEO]


After a wretched weekend of fear and uncertainty for many Americans threatened by Donald Trump's Muslim ban, this was shaping up to be a weird week.

Teachers and students at South High School in Minneapolis knew as much -- who says kids don't pay attention? -- and wanted to do something to make their non-white classmates feel welcome in Trump's America.

At 33 percent white, 20 percent Hispanic, 7 percent Native American and 35 percent black (the last figure containing many Somali-Americans), South High is among the most diverse schools in the city system. 

And so, on Monday, as the school's 1,800-some kids streamed in for the morning's first classes, a few dozen well-meaning people stood outside to welcome them to the school. 

They held signs that specifically mentioned immigrants, refugees, and Muslims. "So glad you're here," said one sign. Another: "You have our love. We have your back."

They sang to them, too, picking "We Shall Overcome," an old song that feels suddenly apt every few decades in American life.

Last night at least 5,000 people rallied in downtown Minneapolis to demonstrate against Trump's executive order. It was a lot louder than these folks holding signs and singing; yet this, too, is resistance.

Admittedly there's not a lot of action in these videos. And that's the point. When hate is what you're fighting, peace becomes a weapon.