Watch scuba video of this loon swimming like a dang fish

*Rubs eyes with comic enthusiasm* A... bird?!

*Rubs eyes with comic enthusiasm* A... bird?! YouTube

I may have attended a state university (go Gophs), but even I can wrap my head around the conventional wisdom pillars of the great outdoors: birds fly, fish swim, circumstances may dictate whether trees make noise when they fall. 

So you can imagine my incredulity upon viewing the following video from St. Cloud scuba videographer Curtis Lahr. In it, we see a bird — Minnesota's state bird, the common loon — paddling away inside Cuyuna County's Feigh mine pit.

Checks out. Then, suddenly, the winged beast dives beneath water and toward Lahr's GoPro camera.

"It was definitely the highlight of the dive," says Lahr, who was riding an underwater "scooter" propulsion vehicle. "It’s always a treat seeing them underwater, especially when they stick around long enough for a picture."

See for yourself:

Pardon our editorializing: neat! 

You may remember Lahr's previous/spooky brush with viral scuba video. In 2018, he captured Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees at the bottom of Crystal Lake near Crosby.