Watch Sarah Silverman, Al Franken's awkward moment at the DNC [VIDEO]

Al Franken and Sarah Silverman: A rickety bridge to the Paul Simon performance.

Al Franken and Sarah Silverman: A rickety bridge to the Paul Simon performance.

Comedian Sarah Silverman was among the strongest big-name Bernie Sanders supporters during the Democratic primary season. And she's certainly the funniest.

On Monday's opening night of the Democratic National Convention, Silverman, flanked by Minnesota DFL Sen. Al Franken, was forced to endure an awkward onstage moment that won't be all that funny to anyone who supports Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Or the increasingly fragile idea of a future without a President Donald Trump.

Silverman was supposed to do a quick, light couple minutes onstage by herself, telling some pretty good jokes at the Republicans' expense. This, she did. Then the comic's speech took a turn. Silverman explained she'd be voting, "with gusto," for Hillary Clinton this November, and would "continue to be inspired, and moved to action, by the ideals set forth by Bernie."

This seemed to lose something in a contingent of the crowd. A din grew in the Philadelphia convention hall, and some started chanting "Bernie! Bernie!" They still were when Franken joined Silverman a minute later.

Al tried getting them to chant "Hillary!" Silverman went for "Unity! Unity!" Neither quite quelled the crowd. Instead, Silverman delivered a memorable line that got huge applause.

"Can I just say, to the 'Bernie or bust' people, you're being ridiculous."

Franken nodded his approval, a tight smile on his face, but it was clear these two on-stage veterans were off-script. They'd apparently been asked to "stretch" before Paul Simon was ready to perform. What followed was one of the most uncomfortable instances of stalling on live television you'll ever be able to cringe your way through.

"Thank God they can fix this in post," Silverman quipped, acknowledging their live, nationwide audience.

Franken eventually shot for a groan-worthy Paul Simon pun. Aaaaaand with that, Simon was finally ready to play, and Al and Sarah were beyond ready to get the hell off the stage.


Democrats, be they fans of Bernie, Hillary, or both, better hope this is as uncomfortable as things get between now and November.