Watch Roger Hanson's 66-Foot-Tall Ice Castle Come Crashing Down

What a bummer

What a bummer

UPDATE: Roger Hanson announced that he's giving this huge ice castle another go after receiving the green light from the city of Superior.

Just after 10 a.m. yesterday Roger Hanson's massive ice tower came tumbling down on Barker's Island in Superior, Wisc.

"Like everything, it had to come down at some given point. Mother Nature decided it was time to foil my plans," he said a few hours after his creation was ruined. See also: 64-Foot-Tall Ice Castle Comes Tumbling Down [VIDEO]

This was the fifth time Hanson made his ice castle, and this year's was the highest yet at 66 feet tall. During the past week or two temperatures had fluctuated wildly, making the tower unstable.

"I was totally aware this thing was having some seismic activity and I was trying to concentrate on building up the base of the system, but Mother Nature just wasn't letting me," he said.

He was being interviewed by a New York Times reporter when the crash happened.

"I was dumbfounded; I didn't know what to think. You gotta take the good with the bad and this was definitely part of the bad," he said.

Hanson claims the tower was a world record, although it won't officially count because he never removed the cable holding it up. The city of Superior and its tourism promotion arm gave Hanson $30,000 for his effort this year.

"I'm the only one in the world that does anything like this, and I'm the one that has to find out what works, and I'm the one who has to find out what doesn't work. I definitely found out what doesn't work today," he said, adding he would try to rebuild the castle if the city allows it.

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