Watch Newt Gingrich get punk'd with a glitter shower in Minneapolis [VIDEO]

Newt Gingrich gets a glitter shower.
Newt Gingrich gets a glitter shower.
Robert Erickson

Newt Gingrich is having a seriously crappy week.

First he goes off the Republican rails on Sunday by insisting that privatizing Medicare is a really bad idea.

Next he has to bat down a scandal about running a $500,000 tab at Tiffany and Co.

And then he shows up today in Minneapolis, where a video camera rolls as he gets punk'd with a glitter shower at a book signing.

Suffice to say this did not make local left-wing prankster Robert Erickson a popular man with the Bible-believing members of the Minnesota Family Council, who were hosting the event, and one godly bouncer unceremoniously shoved Erickson from the room.

"Feel the Rainbow!" Erickson shouted to protest the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage backed by the MFC. "Stop the hate!"

"Since Newt is hanging with the Family Council, I figured he needed a shiny dose of Minnesota Nice to counteract the hate embraced by those who are pushing this divisive bill," Erickson told The Daily Kos. "Of course, he might have to explain all the glitter to his third wife, Callista."


Erickson is the man also responsible for deluging former GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer with pennies last year.


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