Watch Minnesota United's goalie score on himself in the worst way possible

We all do things we regret. But fortunately the cameras weren't rolling during our reggae phase in college or the time we drunk ate $30 worth of Chinese food alone in bed.

However, Minnesota United FC goalie Sammy Ndjock wasn't so lucky during Wednesday night's friendly against AFC Bournemouth. It was a big game for United, a chance for the Loons to prove themselves against stiffer English Premier League competition. Sadly, it was a total beatdown — a 4-0 whipping in front of hometown fans at the National Sports Center in Blaine.

But insult to injury came during the 26th minute as Ndjock tried to clear the ball away from his own net. It was a routine, nonpressured play when the goalkeeper grabbed the ball a few feet outside the goalie box and attempted to chuck it down field. Instead — with roughly 8,300 fans in attendance watching (and later 155,000 more online) — Ndjock inexplicably hooks the ball over his head and across his body, sending it toward United's net.

In a futile attempt to save face, Ndjock sprints back for the ball, diving hopelessly as it crosses the goal line and the crowd collectively groans.


I’m absolutely gobsmacked by that,” coach Carl Craig told the PiPress. “Never seen that in me life — ever. Again, we’re all human and funny things happen in this life. I think I’m a fair fella. I cannot nail him for it, but it’s professional football. It’s just not good enough.”

We have no idea what gobsmacked means, although it's probably not great. But as Craig said more tastefully, shit happens and sometimes you gotta laugh it off. That's exactly what Ndjock and United are doing. As the clip made its way around, the club posted a [wink] behind-the-scenes video explaining why the blunder and offering a cautionary tale about eating jelly before a match.