Watch Michele Bachmann dance with Christians [VIDEO]

This is the most enjoyable clip of Michele Bachmann that has ever existed.

This is the most enjoyable clip of Michele Bachmann that has ever existed.

Michele Bachmann likes dancing, and she's good at it. She'll tell you this much herself.

In 2012, when Dancing With the Stars approached the conservative Congresswoman about appearing on its next season, Bachmann turned them down — while adding that she'd won a "polka dancing contest" in high school, and has a "lifelong love of ballroom dancing."

We've now got video evidence that Bachmann likes shakin' it out to rock music, too... if you consider Walk the Moon's inescapable megahit "Shut Up and Dance" rock. Close enough.

This short clip of Bachmann dancing has been making the rounds and shocking internet users, and you can see why. Bachmann was in New York City attending something called the "Interregnum," an annual conference held at King's College, a tiny Christian college in Manhattan. 

According to its description, Interregnum "galvanizes students, faculty, and staff towards participating in various events such as student speech competitions, parliamentary style debates" — and according to this video, it galvanizes them to get down. 

Bachmann's got a longstanding record of saying offensive, indefensible things, and she's still at it. Within the last year, she's published columns with the headlines "Western Christendom Bows to Shia Islam" and "Obama Enjoys Cuba While Civilization Burns." So, yeah, she's still not chill.

But this dancing seems pretty fun. If you ever meet Michele Bachmann and don't want to hate your experience, you might borrow the line from this song. Shut up, Michele, and dance with me.

— Madison Clark (@maaddieclaark) April 8, 2016