Watch Joe Mauer play golf, not baseball [VIDEO]

Hurry up, Joe. Please.
Hurry up, Joe. Please.

We've already speculated today whether if Joe Mauer were back behind home plate, or swinging his mighty bat, that he could make a difference to the worst team in Major League Baseball. But Twins fans are getting mighty antsy as the man they are coming to think of as the entire 7th Cavalry rolled into one lays low to nurse his gimpy knee.

And those fans are probably not going to appreciate the site of Mr. Mauer smiling and chatting as he strolls the Tartan Park Golf Course for his family's annual charity golf outing. "It's for a good cause," he says. And we agree that's true, in a rational sense. But who ever said rabid baseball fans are rational?

Hurry up, Joe.


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