Watch Ilhan Omar's star turn on 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' [VIDEO]


A whole bunch of Americans who didn't know Ilhan Omar yesterday know her this morning. 

And guess what? We're pretty sure they like her.

On Thursday night, Omar, the trailblazing Somali-American DFL legislator from Minneapolis, was the feature guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Omar started her appearance a little like a tourist passing through, snapping a selfie with the host before the interview got underway. After that, the first-term lawmaker seemed instantly comfortable.

Noah observed Omar's story, from refugee to the halls of power, is "one of the most fascinating I have ever come across," calling her "everything President Trump seems to be against ... and you are in government."

Said Omar: "I am America's hope, and the president's nightmare."

And with that, she had the crowd eating out of her hand.

The extended cut of the interview ran to 10 minutes, during which Omar told Noah the short version of her story emigrating to the United States, and spoke eloquently about "survivor's guilt" she felt after meeting Somalis suffering famine in a refugee camp.

Omar said her experience as an immigrant is "not that different" from that of Americans whose ancestors moved here generations ago.

"This country gave us hope, this country allowed us to develop our own identities, and to create our own home," Omar said. "And we shouldn't look down on the next person that's trying to do that."

In a small but significant error, the Comedy Central website identifies Omar as a "Minnesota Congresswoman." She's not that. 

Not yet. But if she's this comfortable on national television after six months in office, we wouldn't rule anything out.