Watch Chris Kluwe spend a day in a wheelchair

Kluwe playing Murderball for the documentary.
Kluwe playing Murderball for the documentary.
Photo: Tony Nelson.

Last October, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe spent an entire day in a wheelchair for a documentary on spinal cord injury. The movie premiered at Brave New Workshop in January, just after lawmakers introduced a bill that would fund curative spinal cord injury research in Minnesota.

As it now looks like the spinal cord bill won't make the cut (the Senate Health and Human Services budget is due out today, but it doesn't sound promising), filmmaker Matthew Rodreick has released the doc in its entirety online.

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Before making the movie, Rodreick didn't have much experience with video. His son Gabe suffered a serious spinal cord injury in a diving accident, leaving him quadriplegic, and Matthew has since dedicated himself to seeing Gabe walk again. He first brought the idea for the bill to Sen. Jeff Hayden, and hoped a documentary featuring ever-rising-star Chris Kluwe would help draw the public's attention.

The movie begins with Kluwe transferring from his bed to the chair. He works out at the Courage Center, practices with Gabe's band, and plays a game of wheelchair rugby -- a.k.a. Murderball -- with a bunch of guys who don't waste an opportunity to crash full-speed into an NFL player.

We happened to be following Kluwe around that day for our cover story, "Game Changer," and you can read our account of the filming in the piece.

Here's a trailer for the movie:

And in its entirety:

Chris Kluwe Rolls a Mile in Someone Else's Wheels from Matthew Rodreick on Vimeo.

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