Washington "Redskins" Protestors in Minneapolis: We're Not Mascots [Video]

Just a few of the many signs at Sunday's protest.

Just a few of the many signs at Sunday's protest.

Thousands united towards a single cause on a chilly morning outside of TCF Bank Stadium just hours ahead of the Vikings game against Washington on November 2. But this wasn't a routine tailgating session before the big game -- this was people from all walks of life protesting against the Washington "Redskins" name.

Dan Snyder, Washington's NFL team owner, has been deaf to the arguments against the offensive name, but that didn't stop folks from descending upon the stadium in droves to voice their grievances.

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"It does not reflect our people... we're not mascots," says Jillian Stately of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and and Rep. Keith Ellison were on hand on Sunday to support the community and rally for the name and mascot change.

Other local politicians have called out Snyder on the team's racist moniker, including Rep. Betty McCollum (co-chair of the Congressional Native American Caucus), Gov. Mark Dayton, and former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak among others. Even former Viking Chris Kluwe has been vocal about his disdain for Washington's team name, calling it a "derogatory racial slur."

Despite years of public outcry, Snyders has asserted that the team name comes from a place of honor -- but no one at the rally was fooled. We talked to people all across the state who joined together for the protest, and among their biggest concerns was future generations' understanding of Native culture and why the team name is reprehensible.

"I think being Anishinaabe, Lakota, and Dakota... it's hurtful I think towards our younger generation to have to look at those images which represent a time and a place that was aimed at destroying our people," says Kyle Hill of Duluth.

"Some of the children, they might not even know what 'redskins' were... or what the term is," explains another protestor.

Sunday marked one of the biggest protests against the Washinton team name, but whether Washington or the NFL will make any changes remains to be seen.

To hear more voices from the community, watch our video from the rally below:

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