Washburn High Principal Carol Markham-Cousins is ousted

Markham-Cousins (left) is out after a six-year tenure as Washburn's principal.
Markham-Cousins (left) is out after a six-year tenure as Washburn's principal.

Washburn High School Principal Carol Markham-Cousins will be changing jobs following a reassignment by the Minneapolis Public School District.

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According to a Southwest Journal report, Markham-Cousins was told this morning that her time as principal was up.

She sent this statement to the Journal:

"I was informed this morning by Minneapolis Public Schools Human Resources Director Rick Kreyer that I was being relieved of my assignment as the principal of Minneapolis Washburn High School. Mr. Kreyer gave me three choices: Resign, take a leave of absence, (or) accept a reassignment in Minneapolis Public Schools. Minneapolis Publics Schools Associate Superintendent Theresa Battle informed me this morning that this action taken by the district involving my work is not a disciplinarily action. At this time I have chosen to accept a reassignment in Minneapolis Public Schools."

Earlier this week, Washburn students made headlines after a couple hundred of them walked out of school in support of embattled Athletic Director Dan Pratt. Markham-Cousins opposed Pratt's drive to install a new $141,472 scoreboard on Washburn's football field.

Washburn was also in the news for the wrong reasons earlier this year when a black doll was found hanging from a noose in a school stairwell on January 11. We reported about the concerns some Washburn parents had regarding how Markham-Cousins and other Washburn administrators handled that incident.

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