Wash. Post: Even St. Louis Park Jews love 'A Serious Man'

The Washington Post had a story Sunday looking at the Jews that actually live in St. Louis Park, not the ones portrayed in the Coen Brothers's most recent film, "A Serious Man."

And you wouldn't believe it, but these people loved the movie, idolize the Coen Brothers, and still love their hometown. Magical, really. What does St. Louis Park not have to offer? The community created several notables straight from a Jewish population of about 10,000 in 1967: Sen. Al Franken, NYT columnist and author Tommie Friedman, political polymath Norm Ornstein, and of course the Coen Brothers. Not a bad roundup.

From the Post:

I would try out to be an extra in "A Serious Man," and somehow meet the men who'd long served as living proof that just because you came from Minnesota didn't mean you had to end up as a citizen of Garrison Keillor's state-of-mind, which is apparently composed entirely of village idiots.

Nicely put. The story is actually written by someone who grew up in St. Louis Park, running the same streets at the Coen Brothers. So don't expect any "parachuting in" humor from a holier-than-thou Washington Post writer.

Read the piece here.

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