Was someone riding ice on Lake Superior?

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Search resumes for person possibly trapped on Lake Superior ice

After two people on Highway 61 thought they saw a person or people trapped on moving ice on Lake Superior in Duluth, the U.S. Coast Guard is continuing their search today for these mystery ice riders. No one else spotted these people, so it is unknown if they really existed.

Assault investigation takes a turn, police kill suspect

After Gordon William Denmark allegedly assaulted his estranged wife and a neighbor with a knife on Friday in Shakopee, things went even farther downhill for the suspect. Denmark fled and was found the next day in the attic of a bedroom of the house. Denmark still had the knife and refused to cooperate with police. After being unphased by the Taser, police shot and killed Denmark in their own defense.

Carleton vs. St. Olaf: Battle of the wind turbines

College competitions get wild out in rural Minnesota. What now? Northfield's Carleton and St. Olaf are battling it out in wind turbines. Carleton is looking into purchasing a second one for their campus.

Snow emergency misery toll: 1,400 cars

The heavy snow Friday evening led to a Minneapolis snow emergency. How many people had their weekends ruined? 1,400 as the city towed their cars away into the misery of the city impound lot. The snow emergency continues through 8 p.m. tonight.

Off-duty cop's pistol fires accidently, hits another officer in 'freak accident'

When an off-duty Minneapolis police officer tried to lean back or get out of a chair at the Minneapolis Gun Show, his holster got caught, discharging his weapon. The fragmented pieces of the bullet hit and injured a retired St. Paul police officer. Luckily he was OK, but boy does this scream irony.