Was "Karen Sullivan" investigating or instigating illegal activity among activists? Comment of the day

Government informant "Karen Sullivan."

Government informant "Karen Sullivan."

We know that "Karen Sullivan" was a secret government informant who spied on Minnesota activists for the feds. But commenter "swmnguy" wants to know whether she instigated any illegal activity as well.

"That's been the norm for the FBI," he says.


The guys from Miami accused of plotting to blow up the Sears Tower, the kid in Portland accused of trying to plant a car bomb, and too many cases to count; all share the fact that an FBI informant, possibly working on commission, spent a very, very long time suborning and encouraging escalating behavior until, after months if not years, someone spoke "the magic word" into a hidden microphone, triggering charges, a media frenzy, and the payoff to the agent provocateur. Pretty sick stuff.

The good news to come out of these scandals, he argues, is that "the world a lot less dangerous, than the military-surveillance-prison complex can afford to have you realize."

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