Warroad cop Joshua Demmerly charged with stalking, kidnapping, sex assault

Roseau County

Roseau County

Warroad policeman Joshua Matthew Demmerly had an infatuation with a teen. According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, he took it to a level that may someday get his name in the title of a Lifetime movie.

The charges don't name the victim or disclose his or her gender, only to say that it began two years ago when the teen was 16. Under the ruse of claiming the teen was the subject of a felony investigation, Demmerly supposedly told the kid he would not execute a search warrant "if the juvenile spent more time with him."

The victim, it appears, didn't want much to do with the officer. Demmerly is alleged to have pounded the kid's phone with calls and texts expressing his love. When the teen blocked his number, the cop resorted to calling from different numbers. Demmerly is also accused of forcing the kid to use the Find My Friends app to constantly reveal his location.

As the stalking accelerated, the officer began stopping the kid's car so they could kiss, the charges say. He once took the teen away from a party in the back of his cruiser in front of witnesses.

The kid told detectives that Demmerly would provide alcohol to teens at his home, with the provision they stay the night. The kid once woke up naked, with no memory of how it happened or what occurred the night before. Detectives believe Demmerly sexually assaulted him or her more than 10 times.

The stalking continued for two years, says the BCA. At one point, Demmerly allegedly sent a photo of himself with a gun to his head threatening to kill himself if the teen refused to see him. He was arrested this week.

The cop is currently bunking in the Roseau County Jail. If convicted, he's looking at a maximum of 15 years for sexual misconduct, 10 years for stalking, and three for kidnapping. He has yet to enter a plea.