Warning: Cops will do everything possible to bust you drunk driving this weekend


In case you aren't keeping up with the whole holiday weekend thing that has probably already started for many Americans who casually "worked from home" today, the cops are totally pumped and will be trying really hard to catch you behind the wheel with too much booze in your system. So seriously don't go and ruin your life by driving drunk this weekend when every cop is hiding along underpasses, behind bushes, and up in your business. It's just dumb.

But in case you need the kind reminder, we'll give it to you. Officers have arrested nearly 2,000 drivers since 2006 for drunk driving over Labor Day weekends. You know why? A lot of people die over the long weekend. Five of the 11 deaths on Minnesota roads over those weekends were alcohol related.

Officers will run Operation NightCAP patrols this weekend, which steps up DWI enforcement in the 13 deadliest drunk driving counties including Ramsey, Dakota, Washington, and Hennepin counties.

If that's not enough to stop you, maybe our previous post will help you avoid the ticket when the cops inevitably bust you.