War machine touches down in Richfield to inspire excitement, fear

A sleek $6 million war machine touched down on the Richfield Middle School's football field yesterday to intimidate inspire students to abstain from substances outlawed by the United States government.

About 50 middleschoolers gathered on the bleaches to witness an awesome show-of-force put on by the Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug Programs, which centered on the deployment of a Blackhawk chopper. The pilot crew encouraged the assembled humans to pursue a successful life, which includes staying in school, submitting their selves to community, and not wondering what the hell a piece of military equipment has to do with leading a successful life.

Most students were thrilled to take part in the militaristic ceremony.

From the Strib:

As eighth-grade friends Vashti Mohabir and Guadalupe Estrada watched the helicopter land, they were eager for what was to come.

"I was happy to go to school," Mohabir said. Added Estrada: "For the first time."