Wanted: Pat robs a bank

class=img_thumbleft>A fax carrying notification of a bank robbery in Fergus Falls came to CP last week, featuring this sketch of the suspect. The newshounds around the office were baffled: There was a height (5'8") and weight (250 lbs.) given, but no other descriptives. Even the clothing and vehicle essentials--"royal blue puffy type winter jacket," "black stocking cap," "newer two-door pickup, tan in color, no topper"--left more than a little to the imagination.

So, we wondered: Male? Female? A little bit of both?

A call to Fergus Falls Police Department Detective Carol Schmaltz clears up the matter: "It doesn't say on there?" Nope. "Oh, it's a white male." Schmaltz adds that she didn't type up the fax, and that the cops have "gotten a couple of leads since that went out." Really? How so? "The sketch looks like a white male," she insists. "So, now you know."

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