Want to watch this guy drive a tank over some cars? [VIDEO]


We've all been there. You're pulling in to a parking spot, and you realize that the car parked next to you is taking up two spaces, or has some annoying bumper sticker, or belongs to someone who stood you up on a date.

And you think, "If only I had a tank, I'd crush that car."

Well, Minnesota, here's your chance.

As shown by a Youtube video posted yesterday, a local business is ready to provide the valuable, dream-fulfilling service of putting you behind the wheel of a tank. Apparently, the big gun at the front is not loaded. But those big ol' tires are more than enough to get you up over the hood of a broken-down car.

Hell, if you've got the money, you can crush two at once.

The Youtube clip was uploaded under the name, "F33gar0w," a user who seems to have literally created an account in order to upload this tank video. And why not? It probably cost a bit.

The video description explains that this all went down thanks to Drive a Tank, a Minneosta business that sells training and access to tanks. According to its website, Drive a Tank is "the perfect gift for that person in your life that has everything."

Drive a Tank offers the regular driving experience for $500. For an additional $500, you can crush a car. For just $200 on top, to bring your total to $1,200, you can get the "Double Car Crush!"

The "Double Car Crush!", as seen below, is exactly the kind of thing that the French talk about when they talk about Americans.

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