Want a Count von "Re"Count? Buy Saints ticket Saturday


When we reported on the St. Paul Saints Count von "Re"Count weeks after the general election, we had some concerns that fans would care less about the Senate recount by the time the figurine was released at the May 23 game.

Well now we are bumping up against April and there is no real end in sight. Those Saints are a clever bunch.

If you want one of these "two-faced" spinning souvenirs, Saints single game tickets go on sale Saturday.

The doll is just another example of the Saints smart public relations moves in recent years. The figurine, which resembles a bobblehead, will instead have a spinning head that changes the winner faster than you can count ballots. One side is Al Franken, one side is Sen. Norm Coleman. Getting dizzy yet?

"This is just the Saints being the Saints," said spokesman Sean Aronson back in November. "We don't take ourselves too seriously. Fun is good."

The first 2,500 fans that enter the gates on Sat. May 23 will receive "Re"Count. Get your tickets here.