Wanner's Minneapolis Club child molestation hearing pushed off

There's been a delay in a pre-trial hearing for William Wanner, the Wayzata businessman who police say they caught on videotape molesting a 10-year-old girl in the hot tub of the swank Minneapolis Club late last year. The hearing will now take place March 23. And a Hennepin County judge agreed to lift Wanner's travel ban and return his passport.

Wanner, 67, is described in court documents as a friend of the victim's mother who would often take the girl to the exclusive downtown Minneapolis club. He was arrested in January after a witness came forward to say that she saw him pull the girl's bathing suit down and put his hands in her groin area in the club's hot tub.

Surveillance video, described as "very revealing" by Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, shows the incident described by the witness on Dec. 27, as well as a similar encounter on Dec. 7. In both cases, the videos also show the pair getting out of the hot tub and going to the womens' locker room together.

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