Wanna save babies? How about taking care of those no one else will?

There are plenty of unsaved babies all across the world.

There are plenty of unsaved babies all across the world. Tony Webster

Reader Jane Kocur Heath responds to University of Minnesota caves to pressure on abortion rights fellowship:

As a parent of two daughters and a son, I appreciate Planned Parenthood for what it does and am sad to hear people talk about the organization in such a negative light. They are for reproductive rights of all women and men.

Women's health is so important, but it is polical issue. If men carried the babies this wouldn’t be an issue.

I suggest that everyone who wants to “save babies “ start adopting the children that don’t have a home. Go to countries were the children are dying from malnutrition. Get the children out of the refugee camps and let them live a free life. Stop telling people how to live their life’s and do something constructive to help the children that are in need of help now.

Women have a right over their bodies the same as men. Children die everyday from war, malnution, child abuse, guns, drugs. Stop being a hypocrite and support birth control, because that will stop abortion more than anything else.