Wanna do Twitter for the Minnesota Vikings?

Zygi Wilf, Mike Zimmer, and the Minnesota Vikings need someone to Instagram (or Pinerest?) happy moments just like this!

Zygi Wilf, Mike Zimmer, and the Minnesota Vikings need someone to Instagram (or Pinerest?) happy moments just like this! Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune

The Minnesota Vikings started out last season 5-0, and looked like the best team in the NFC, if not the whole dang league.

If you enjoy social media even the slightest bit, it must've been a pretty good time to be running the team's Twitter and Facebook accounts. Link to some positive coverage, throw in a few fire emoji, borrow a phrase from the kids -- example: "These Vikes are #onfleek" -- and boom, you got yourself a very popular tweet. 

As the season wore on, 5-0 became 5-4, then 6-6, and, eventually, a playoffs-missing 8-8. It was a remarkable collapse, and probably not all that fun to Facebook. 

When the season ended on New Year's Day, the Vikings signed off with a tweet that sounds like a pop star begging for fans' loyalty as he headed into rehab. Or on trial for manslaughter.

Think you've got the panache to navigate those "highs and lows" for an NFL franchise that produces a lot of the former, and always one more of the latter? Here's your chance!

The Vikings are hiring a new social media manager, per the team's website; whoever gets the position will get the keys to the team's accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest -- the Vikings have a Pinterest account? -- and any other social media accounts invented in the next 10 to 20 minutes.  

Here are a few key pieces of the job listing (emphasis ours):

"[H]elp guide presence and determine organizational 'voice' on social networking platforms keeping fans up to date with relevant content; monitor such platforms for timely topics and negative buzz; demonstrate creativity in presenting Vikings brand on such platforms...
Work with fan experience team, monitoring and responding to social media complaints, compliments and suggestions on gameday and other events. Assist with the creating and implementation of a gameday social customer service team.
Be involved in the planning and execution of Vikings social media efforts in a highly collaborative environment where collaboration is highly encouraged."

Qualified applicants should have five years of experience in social media or a related field, be willing to work "irregular hours" including nights and weekends (when they play football), be able to stand or sit for hours at a time, "demonstrate creativity" in explaining why the Vikings need a fence around their publicly subsidized building, and maybe come in with a couple ideas for plays that might get this offense going, huh?

Apply here!