Walter Mondale and Christmas past


This post is not in any way about Walter Mondale. It is about his house, we think. And while Walter Mondale might not live at the house in question, area neighbors still believe he lives there. And his Christmas wreath is getting the gossip going like, um, gossip goes in Minnesota. 

So really, this post is about anyone who still has a Christmas wreath hanging on their front door. Jesus Day is over. Deal with it.

CP sure feels like an angry grandpa writing this, but nothing--aside from Marmaduke burying the remote in the backyard again--gets us AARPissed than folks who leave their Christmas wreaths up past the holiday season.

(For those who don't know the length of the Christmas holiday season, it ends on New Year's Day. At the worst, it can continue through Groundhog Day. But not a day later. And yes, CP is well aware the real day Jesus came into the world was sometime in March. But CP is also familiar with the dominant religion of our culture appropriating the holidays of other religions. We learned that last weekend, when we canceled a date with a hottie and sat alone in our bed reading Dan Brown. So there. Until the Catholics decide to move the date. December it is)

So take down your god-damn Christmas wreaths.

That means you house-that-Walter-Mondale-possibly-still-inhabits.

Also, friends, please know that in no way are we encouraging folks to take down their Christmas lights. This is a totally different decorative feature. CP fully supports holiday lights. It uplifts our senses with its super haze of colorful cheer.

But back to the house-that-Walter-Mondale-possibly-still-inhabits. Your wreath is annoying and gaudy. Its red velvet bow is too big for the modest abode. Yet somehow the colors remain vibrant. We even touched the wreath, when we unsuccessfully knocked on your door to no answer. It felt plush. It made us jealous.

Yes, you were the 42nd Vice President of the United States, but you don't need to show off your awesomeness. Even if you don't live there.

Take down the wreath. Do it for America.