VP Pawlenty Meter: Trouble on the homefront

Will Governor Tim Pawlenty become our nation's next vice president? It's hard to keep track of all the many factors at play. Each week, the VP Pawlenty Meter (TM) provides an odds sheet to ensure you make your best bet. We use a 20 point scoring range, with +10 being T-Paw sworn in, and -10 being T-Paw found with a dead girl or a live boy.

Last week, T-Paw was large and in charge, having been crowned a potential VP by the politically influential site, "The Fix," while McCain managed to weather the New York Times' poorly-sourced mistress allegations to emerge stronger (and more virile!) than ever. Carrying a +3 into this week, the Gov couldn't help but be confident ... but will that be his undoing?

-- Dissed in Wall Street Journal as "too liberal" to be McCain's VP (-3) -- Pawlenty appears on "Fox News Sunday" and "Late Edition" to give McCain props (+1) -- T-Paw denies he's interested in being VP ... while grinning like a schoolboy. (0) -- Vetoes $6.6 billion transportation bill, burnishing image as a fiscal conservative (+2) -- But House and Senate vote to override veto, handing him a stinging defeat (-2) -- Molnau ousted (-2)

Current score: -1

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