VP Pawlenty Meter: Beltway pundits say 'no sex with wife' joke hurt VP chances

Will Governor Tim Pawlenty become our nation's next vice president? It's hard to keep track of all the many factors at play. Each week, the VP Pawlenty Meter (TM) provides an odds sheet to ensure you make your best bet.

The reviews are in, and T-Paw's awkward joke about his wife refusing to sleep with him has not been well received by the chattering classes in Washington.

Although the wounds from the rare-if-ill-timed gaffe by Minnesota's governor are far from mortal, the very fact that Washington pundits are talking about his sex life at all can't be good for him. Since T-Paw is a relative blank slate, pundits have been looking for a phrase to affix to his name, and "doesn't have sex with wife" isn't a good one if you hope to have a political future.

Here it comes buried in Bloomberg's latest article about VP frontrunners:


McCain's list would include former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, even with their frosty personal relations during the presidential campaign; Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty -- if he can avoid silly moments like talking on a radio show about his lack of a sex life with his wife -- and Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

And here's Fox News:

John Wodele, a public relations consultant, told MyFOXTwinCities that although it is never appropriate for a politician to discuss his sex life, he didn’t think it would hurt his political future. But, David Schultz, a political science professor, said it can’t help his vice presidential prospects.

This week, the T-Paw VP Meter holds steady at Yellow as the T-Paw Peter Meter remains stuck with Blue.