VP Pawlenty Meter

The Star Tribune today revives speculation that Gov. Tim Pawlenty may be on the shortlist of candidates for Vice President. Because it's hard to keep track of all the factors at play in this complex calculation, we're creating the VP Pawlenty Meter to provide a weekly round-up of the news. We start at zero, with 10 being the announcement that T-Paw is VP and -10 representing a snowball's chance in hell.
-- To foil Romney, McCain cuts sweetheart deal with (future VP?) Huckabee: -3

-- With Romney out, McCain becomes defacto Republican nominee: +5

-- Dems see record turnout Super Tuesday, boding ill for GOP in general election: -1

-- DFL delays vote on Monlau that could have put T-Paw in negative spotlight: +1

The week that was: (+2) Odds of VP Pawlenty: 2 in 10

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