Vow taken in '74 leaves farmer stuck with large beard after Vikings loss

Emmett Pearson

Emmett Pearson

A 74-year-old farmer from Welch, MN vowed in 1974 not to shave his beard until the Vikings won the Superbowl. Now that the Vikings choked away their chance for success, it looks like he's stuck with the beard into eternity. (See a picture of him here)

Emmett Pearson, who already resembles Father Time, hasn't shaved since the Vikings 1974 Superbowl loss to the Steelers, and is most definitely grief stricken after the team pissed away the game. He and his 48-year-old son talked to us this morning and Pearson's son confirmed that the beard is not coming off.  "It's been a long, long time since I've seen him without a beard," he said.

According to other news reports, his life consists solely of Vikings coverage.

From the Rochester Post Bulletin:
 "We don't watch anything else," said his wife. "We don't read anything else. I don't think he owns any other clothing."

Pearson's phone was off the hook all morning, presumably so he wouldn't have to receive any calls about the game. Luckily, his son gave me his cell phone number.

"Yeah, I was down," Pearson told us this morning. "I wish they would have tried
a field goal before they had that last pass that was intercepted. I don't blame anyone, though. Once it went into overtime I didn't think we would do it."

Pearson is sticking to his vow and keeping his beard, but says it's unlikely that the Vikes will win anytime soon if Favre doesn't return. "Sooner or later they're going to win," he said. 
"I hope."

Do you see what you've done, Favre? You've crushed our hopes once again, and now this man is going to die looking like a ZZ Top fan rather than a lifelong Vikes supporter.