"Vote Yes" vandals: Pro-gay Blaine homes defaced with spray-painted genitals

Images like this one on a "Vote No" sign were also spray-painted onto garages.
Images like this one on a "Vote No" sign were also spray-painted onto garages.

On Monday, we told you about Minnesota for Marriage's culture of victimhood -- the state's leading anti-gay marriage group takes to social media and makes a stink whenever one of its signs is defaced as if it provides a compelling reason to vote yes.

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So it's ironic that what looks to be the most egregious act of vandalism so far during the marriage amendment campaign was seemingly perpetrated by supporters of the vote yes cause.

The Pioneer Press reports that sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning, "Vote No" signs outside nine Blaine homes were defaced with graffiti. Even worse, some of the homes were left with spray-pained images of male and female genitalia and "Vote Yes" messages on garage doors.

All the vandalized homes are located near either Radisson Road and 132nd Lane or near Lakes Parkway and 120th Court.

No arrests have yet been made, but if the perpetrators are found, they could face felony charges, depending on how much it costs homeowners to repaint their garage doors.

For what it's worth, Minnesotans United for All Families hasn't mentioned the vandalism on social media.

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