Vone Moua, owner of Malina's bar, murdered over pool table dispute, charges say

According to prosecutors, 22-year-old Cheng Vang shot and killed Vone Moua, owner of Malina's bar in Frogtown, shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday morning after the two got into a dispute over a pool table rental.

THE BACKSTORY: Vone Moua, owner of Malina's bar in Frogtown, killed inside his own bar

Both Vang and his brother-in-law, 26-year old Yia Her, have been charged with second-degree murder and two counts of attempting murder.

That night, Her and Vang paid $20 to rent a pool table at Malina's. Around 2:15 a.m. Moua told them they had to leave because the bar was closing. Her wasn't happy about that, but Moua, 45, presented Her with an offer -- the two would play pool against each other, and if Her won, Moua said he and his brother-in-law could continue playing.

Her didn't take Moua up on his offer, though. Instead, he left, then returned a short time later with Vang and got into a shoving match with Moua. During the altercation, Vang allegedly shot Moua in the head, killing him. Two other employees were shot and injured.

Moua's wife -- both she and her husband are social workers in addition to running Malina's -- witnessed the shooting, the complaint says.

Police tracked down Her at a home on the 300 block of Toronto Street around noon on Sunday. With a bloody shirt in sight, Her told officers he knew why they were there and explained that before the shooting, he "was very angry and his plan was to use Vang's gun to scare the owner into giving him his $20 back," the charging document says.

Her was arrested and charged today. Charges against Vang are "pending," the Pioneer Press reports, and he isn't currently in custody, though a warrant is out for his arrest.

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