Voices from the Black Lives Matter March in St. Paul [Video]

Thousands took to the streets in St. Paul on Martin Luther King Day as part of the Black Lives Matter #ReclaimMLK march.

We talked to a handful of the marchers about the importance of marching on the holiday, youth involvement, and bringing people together.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was on many marchers' minds throughout the day as they marched through St. Paul from University and Snelling Avenues.

"It's important to have a march reminding everyone the importance of black lives -- especially on Martin Luther King Day," one marcher said about King's lasting legacy and how his messages have been interpreted by some today. "His words and his work has kind of been pacified and his arguments are used against us to silence us."

Another marcher voiced his support for King's leadership and how it relates to current issues: "The way Dr. King talked about it is the way we should be thinking about it: Peacefully, respectfully, but clearly that justice is needed for everyone."

The group shut down parts of University Avenue on its way to the St. Capitol, making their voices heard and showing the community that the Black Lives Matter movement is here to stay. In December 2014, the organization brought thousands of protesters to the Mall of America to rally support for their cause, briefly shutting down the shopping center. This month's march ultimately brought people together to create more awareness for racial injustice and reclaim the holiday with King's legacy.

"I see a lot of people who obviously care," a marcher told us about the turnout at the event. "And to see people come out and support the African American community like that... it's a good thing."

Video production by Meghan Kotz for City Pages.

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