Vogue's Wintour: Minnesotans are fatties the size of "little houses"

We're so glad American Vogue editor Anna Wintour dares to even mention that she's been to Minnesota. Not that we should be very excited about what she had to say about us. Basically we are a bunch of fatties that prove our country should be more focused on obesity instead of anorexia.

In a 60 Minutes interview last night, Wintour had this to say about the people she encountered in the Land of 10,000 Lakes:

"I'd just been on a trip to Minnesota, where I can only kindly describe most of the people I saw as little houses."
She even gestures to show us how big these "little houses" really were. Well, listen: If we're "little houses", Vogue's wicked bitch of the east better watch the F out then, shouldn't she? We wouldn't want to, you know, fall on her.  

Watch the clip below.

Give us a break, Vogue. According to a recent ranking, Minnesota is No. 30 in the United States for percentage of obese residents. Stop giving us a bad name and at least mention a state known for their pudge: Mississippi and Alabama to know a couple.

The clip of her quote:


(via Jezebel)

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