Vladimir Jadick wrecks swath of fresh I-94 concrete (he's from Alabama)

Vladimir Jadick ought to be running back to Alabama with his tail between his legs this afternoon, after plowing his pickup truck and 30-foot camper through hundreds of yards of freshly-poured concrete on an I-94 road project near Fargo.

Estimated damage: $100,000. The fine for his sticky excursion: $20.

The 62-year-old from Theodore, Ala., drove through the construction zone barricade late Wednesday night leaving 6-inch deep ruts in the still-wet concrete, state Highway Patrol Capt. Eldon P. Mehrer told the Star Tribune.

"He didn't realize he caused that kind of damage," Mehrer said. He was just "confused."

Apologetic, too, we gather. And probably happy to learn insurance will cover the cost of the damage he caused.

Go away, Vladimir. Go far away.

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